Consultation + Concept Board

"I just need to get the ball rolling..."

We talk about your interests, style, and personality to identify the look that suits you. We also discuss your budget, existing furniture, and lifestyle to create a comfortable and functional space. After the initial consultation, you will receive a concept board, which is a collage of recommended items to give you an idea of the overall vibe. Each object is hand-picked to create a unique design that represents you. If this is enough to get you started, you can use it as a guide while you search for pieces on your own.

Interactive Design

"A little help, please..."

This service includes consultation and takes the inspiration board a step further. It is an online collaborative site between the client and designer that contains the prices and links to specific products. You can delete items you don't like, add things you do, and make comments on how to make it better. The design can be adjusted twice at no extra charge. A floorplan is available for an additional fee. This option creates a more customized result and reduces the hassle of shopping around.

Full Service

"Just do it for me..."

This service is available to local clients in the Austin, TX area who require more hands-on involvement, such as a complete remodel or a blank canvas. It includes all of the above plus ordering, styling, and project management. Sit back, relax, and come home to a beautiful space!